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Hand poured pure
soy candles

Created with love, our hand poured 100% Pure Soy wax candles are beautifully fragranced giving you an intense burst of scent, lasting hours.

We DON'T use paraffin or chemicals in the process.

Each candle is individual due to the beautiful glass and mosaic vessels we use.

For the love of scent!

Established in 2015 "All Lit Up by Jules" is my labor of love.

I am a dedicated nurse by profession and I balance my life with creating candles for myself and others. I want you to be able to enjoy a peaceful environment in your home, office or work space and I believe the right scent provides a healthy harmonious zen.   

With time and patience I have proudly created 6 of my own unique fragrances -

Tahitian Kumquat,

Hibiscus Thai,

In Memory Of,

Fijian Tango,

Paul's Favour,


Thai Delite

Lavender Fields


Get in Touch

Located in Melbourne Victoria  

/  Ph 0417-300-199

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