FOR THE LOVE OF SCENT               

My new fragrance creation -

Fijian Tango

Tahitian Kumquat 

Hibiscus Thai

In Memory Of

Lime Coconut


Leather & Oudh

Zesty Tangerine Guava

Sweet Lychee & Hyacinth

Sea Salt Caramel

Vanilla Caramel  

Japanese Honeysuckle  


Moroccan Spice

Spiced Mahogany

Lemongrass and Persian Lime

Cranberry & Mandarin

French Vanilla Oak

Pina Colada

Little Black Dress

Ocean Breeze

Mango Papaya

PS I Love You

By The Fire

Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits

Cinnamon Apple

Lychee & Black Tea

Black Raspberry

Pomegranate Sage

Sandalwood No. 6

Baby Powder


French Lavender

Orange Vanilla

French Pear

Vanilla Bean


Baies Type

Fig and Cassis


Sweet Pea and Jasmine